​​ (989)-723-2526
Recycling Drop off Center

We ask that you please visit the office BEFORE dropping off recyclable materials.
$3.00 fee for plastic/glass recycling for non-customers.

Identify recyclable materials by finding recycling number on the bottom of the item.

Recycle Items Accepted

#1 Plastic clear– Water bottles, juice bottles.

#2 Plastic – Milk jugs, laundry detergent jugs.

*Cardboard- Flatten all boxes.

*Newspapers with inserts-(No mail, phone books, or magazines)
Remove plastic, string and twine. Brown bags acceptable. 

*Clear Glass-(Bottle form only/ No plate glass)
Rinse clean and remove lids, labels may be left on. (no colored glass)

*Tin Cans, Aluminum or any other metal materials- (No Appliances with freon)

We do not accept plastic bags, motor oil bottles, styrofoam, glossy magazines, catalogs, or office paper for recycling.


Please have all recycling clean and without lids on containers.